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Businesses We Feature

Noice stuff! Basically:
Dining is a popular social activity; restaurants and bars will often be featured as a daily deal. We’ll offer everything from fine dining to brand new trendy restaurants to casual fare to wine bar restaurants, ethnic cuisines, local trendy sushi bars, and to neighbourhood restaurants.
Events / Concerts / Entertainment / Museums
There’s no better way to fill your venue than with Noice. Our email subscribers are interested in cultural events, sports outings and theatre. Of course, being able to buy tickets at a huge discount only fuels their enthusiasm. You can feature a museum membership, a theatre production or sell out a sporting area.

Health and Beauty/ Wellness Classes / Fitness Classes
We love to feature spa services, salon services, massages, dental cleanings, or vision services, you name it, the “sky’s the limit”. We’ll bring new traffic to your business, and spread the word about your great services, which will ensure repeat business for months to come.

Recreation / Family Entertainment / Unique
Noice customers want to get off the couch and “do something” fun. We’d love to feature activities like boating, fitness classes, rock-climbing, or a day of golf. We offer businesses the opportunity to attract customers who have energy and want to use it.
Services / Travel / Destinations / Extreme Sports
We offer services our subscribers want to be exposed to. We feature home services, car care, cooking classes, meal preparation services, cleaning services; you name it, if our subscribers want it we will deliver. We only feature the best companies that provide innovative and useful services. If the service is great, the people will follow.