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What Is Noice?
An online service saving you money on the best your city has to offer. Whether it’s food and drink, attractions, products, or services, Noice offers deep discounts you won’t find anywhere else, through the magic of collective buying power.

Today’s Deal Is Awesome and I Want It! Now What?
Just click "Buy" on your offer before the deadline.

I Bought A Noice Voucher Today. Do I Need To Use It Today?
No. Most of Noice’s deals however have an expiration date, you’ll never be forced to use it the same day you bought it, but within the valid period

I Bought A Noice Voucher. So How Do I Use It?
Once your Paypal (credit card) is charged, we email you your Noice Voucher so you can print it. Redemption instructions, and a map are right on your voucher.

Can I Buy A Noice Voucher and Give It To Someone Else?
Absolutely! Unless you see a message explicitly stating otherwise, feel free to give your Noice vouchers to friends, family, coworkers, even complete strangers! Better yet, have them sign up and get their own deals! And don’t worry if your name appears on the deal, you can still give it away.

If I Don’t Use The Full Value Of My Voucher, Can I Save The Rest For Later?
Sorry, but unless it’s otherwise stated, you will not receive credit or cash back for unused portions of any deal.

Can I Combine My Noice Voucher With Other Deals, Offers or Specials?
No, sorry. Not unless the Noice deal specifically states otherwise.

How Safe Is Noice?
Very. When you make a purchase, your transaction is shifted to Paypal transactions ( including credit card transaction via Papal) and Paypal transactions are transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. Paypal is VeriSign SecuredĀ®.

Do You Remove Content From Your Discussion Board?
For the most part, no. However, if someone is engaging in personal, racial, religious, political, or other attacks, we will delete their comments. Same goes for spamming, trolling and the like. Play noice!

I Bought A Noice Voucher and Now That Business Closed Down… Can I Get My Money Back?
If anything happens making it impossible for you to redeem your voucher, we will ensure you are fully refunded.

I Have A Business and I’d Like To Be Featured On Noice
Great! Happy to hear. Check out our Noice For Business page for more details on how to get involved.

How Many People Can I Refer?
How many have you got? You can refer as many people as you want!

What Other Cities Will Noice Be Expanding To?
We hope to bring Noice deals to cities across the Australia, and beyond.

Where is Noice’s Head Office?
We are currently based in the best city in Australia – Melbourne.

I Don’t Receive Noice Emails, How Can I Help Ensure Delivery?
You need to add our email address to your contacts to ensure our emails don’t make their way to your SPAM folder. Add to receive the daily deal, add to receive our vouchers.